Custom Kit Creation 

For over 25 years Custom Hydraulics & Design has been providing fluid power solutions to both original equipment manufacturers and end users. 

Throughout our years of experience and operation in these industries we have provided a kit service for both small and large companies. 

Our kits can be used on factory floors to assist production staff in correct,  efficient, and reliable production of systems, units, and etc. We have experience supplying custom kits for OEM transportation companies, rail, Military OEM, and Systems production companies throughout the United States. 

We provide a service that is unmatched, whether you are requiring multiple kits per machine production, or a in field repair kits for your team were here to help. 

Common Kitting Requests 

Specialized Hose Assemblies

Custom power steering lines, fuel lines, AC lines, and hard line kits are all kits that we have created for MFG. 

Unit Production Kits 

Complete kits designed for specific machines or systems, typically these types of kits will include custom made hose assemblies, allowing production teams to plumb machines and systems with more accuracy, efficiency and reliability. 

Field Repair Kits 

Field repair kits can be extremely useful when working in remote locations. These kits come equipped with everything that is needed to get your machines up and running again. 

Hose Assembly Kits

Complete kits for quick hose assembly, typically these kits include precut hose lengths and fittings that correspond with the requirements. 

System Specific Kits 

We specialize in creating system specific kits, these kits are especially useful if you have an older piece of equipment and would like to have repair kits for components that frequently go bad. 

Adapter Kits

Our Adapter kits can be found in store pre developed or you can create your own for specific hydraulic or pneumatic adapter and fitting needs.