As an innovator in tube connectors, our Waltech series offers superior design-enabling exceptional performance in a wide range of applications. Our design features go well beyond simple metallic sealing cutting ring systems to deliver the best possible performance and leak-free operations.

Walpro System

  • Operators ‘feel’ when assembly is complete and overtightening is unmistakable, thanks to steadily rising
    tightening torque with a limit stop feature.
  • Increased resistance to high dynamic loads through axial ribs, inner area clamping along the complete tube length, and cutting edges that equally share the holding force.
  • Optimized sealing efficiency due to a complete connection between the cutting ring and tube surface. High sealing stress also results in a lower likelihood of leakage.
  • Superior assembly characteristics due to cutting edge angles and two cutting edges.
  • Safe connections even after repeated assembly. The metallic sealing cutting ring can be assembled and disassembled as often as necessary.
  • Lower expenditure, thanks to a reduced need to replace nuts and bodies.

Walform System

  • Patented nose design provides secondary metallic sealing to eliminate any risk of leakage in the only possible path
  • Positive locking between the stud and tube ensures absolute reliability under extreme dynamic loads.
  • Locked-in retaining tube removes any risk of disconnection and enables Walform to be used in safety-critical applications.
  • No turning of the tube during the assembly process eradicates the risk of assembly failure.