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Delivering Performance When It Matters Most

Introducing a New Standard
in PTFE Hoses

As a pioneer in the production of hoses used in demanding conditions, Eaton is pleased to announce two new additions to our
family of hoses; Eaton WinnerTM PTFE EN-TW and EC-TW PTFE hoses. Since 1961, Eaton’s Everflex hoses have been the premier
choice for hose products made from premium grade Teflon™ resin for use in truck, chemical, hot melt, steam, packaging, paint, machinery and many other demanding applications. These new Eaton Winner PTFE hoses compliment the Everflex family of products by providing performance that meets SAE 100R14 and are ideally suited for use in applications where high and low temperature, chemical
resistance, low coefficient of friction, flexibility, and non-aging characteristics are required.


    • Alternative fuels
    • Bus, truck and off highway
    • Chemical transfer
    • Electric cooling
    • Engine
    • Fire/rescue air
    • Hot press
    • Paint & paint spraying
    • Steam


• Steam

• Excellent temperature resistance

• Broad range of chemical resistance

• Withstands continuous flexing/vibration/impulsing

• High flow rates, with low coefficient of friction