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How to determine the correct pneumatic fitting type:

Determining the correct pneumatic fittings to use for an application or system is determined by several factors that an individual must consider before considering the type of pneumatic fitting to use.

- Tubing Type, understanding the tubing type needed / used for the application is crucial before moving towards choosing a pneumatic fitting. There are two concerns that need attention before deciding the tubing to use such as PSI requirements, and vibration concerns. Both of which need to be fully understood before moving forward in the selection of tubing. Pneumatic tubing can be either thermoplastic tubing, or steel tubing. Both thermoplastic pneumatic tubing and steel pneumatic tubing is offered in both imperial and standard measurements, therefore, it is important to understand the tubing’ medium, and size before moving forwards.

- Thread Type, knowing the thread type that is needed / used for the application or system is just as crucial as the tubing type. Before moving there are things about the port, receiving end of the connection, you are connecting to that need to be known such as, size, and thread type. The size of the port you are connecting to can either be male or female, metric or imperial and will be one of the following thread types, Pipe thread (NPT), British Pipe Thread (BSPT), Metric thread (DIN), or SAE thread

- Fitting Material, there are a few materials that are used for making fittings such as brass fittings, stainless steel fittings, nickel plated brass fittings, and thermoplastic fittings. Knowing which medium is used in your port will give insight as to which medium is needed of the application / system.

- Approval Needs, does the application or system require standards to be met for approvals from the Department Of Transportation (DOT), Food Drug Administration (FDA), or Underwriters laboratory (UL). If so go back and make sure that everything falls within the standards that need to be met for approval.


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