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Waltech® EWESK adjustable elbows with locknut

The Waltech EWESK series of adjustable elbow fittings are high in quality and easy to assemble and are ideal for mobile OEMs seeking an end-toend tube-fitting solution.

Like the entire Waltech range of tube fittings, the robust, precisionengineered EWESK series offers simple, safe and repeatable assembly. Typical applications include vehicles used in the agriculture, construction, mining and quarrying sectors, as well as on-road commercial vehicles.

EWESK elbow fittings for 90° connections between a port and metric tube can be easily adjusted in rotational angle. After threading the fitting into the port and rotating it to the desired angle, the position can be fixed simply by tightening the locknut.

EWESK fittings meet the requirements of ISO 8434-1, ensuring high performance and durability. The low-torque attributes of the adjustable elbow facilitate both safe connectivity and easy assembly. A special plated finish helps reduce torque variance.

Rated at a minimum of 720 hours of red rust corrosion resistance, Waltech EWESK elbow fittings are ideal for rugged outdoor applications that extend from harvesters and balers, through to excavators, loaders and concrete pumping vehicles. EWESK elbows and the entire Waltech tube-fitting line have been designed and engineered to add value to a wide range of heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. Premium-quality engineering ensures the products exhibit robust design characteristics and straightforward, safe connectivity. High corrosion resistance and assembly strength are among further benefits for customers looking to specify complete end-to-end tube fitting solutions


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