Systems Design

Did you know that most Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems have wasted horsepower due to the lack of understanding and time required during the initial design phase.

Wasted horsepower is typically expressed as additional heat added to the system, which can then require the use of a hydraulic cooler or added hydraulic filter requirements due to the possibility of system contamination.  In addition, the likelihood for a hydraulic leak is far greater with increased temperatures. Most hydraulic systems are designed initially to use AW32 , AW46 or AW68 Hydraulic Oil.  Popular sealing materials include Buna-N / NBR for O-Rings as well as Urethane hydraulic cylinder seal.  While these materials are used extensively to produced Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Motor and Hydraulic Cylinder component's they only have a maximanum termperature range of +220º.   

Let Custom Hydraulics and Design team of experience professional's evaluate your requirements to see how we may be able to assist in designing a system for you special requirement.

 In addition to new systems we are capable of evaluating existing systems to uncover wasted energy.

We currently have the capability to test and data-log the following:

  • Flow up to 200 gpm
  • Pressure up to 600 Bar
  • Temperature
  • Horsepower
  • RPM
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New Metal Work EB80 Electro-Pneumatic System

EB80 is a new electro-pneumatic system consisting of one solenoid valve assembly, electric power supplies and input or output digital or analogue signal management....

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How do hydraulic systems work?

Hydraulic Cylinder repair is a straight forward task if you have an understanding of how hydraulic cylinders work, or at least what O-rings, and rubber seals allow for

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O-Ring Materials Overview & Size Chart!

Early O-rings were generally made from Natural Rubber, this was great in the beginning for leak prevention, but limited the applications they could be used on. Since the 1940s a much larger selection of compounds has been developed.

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