In a world where operational efficiency is king, Custom Hydraulics and Design rises above to offer unmatched Vendor Managed Inventory services. Our solutions are meticulously designed to not just manage but elevate your inventory processes. We ensure optimal stock levels, reducing your downtime and costs, while significantly boosting facility productivity.



Optimized stock levels, ensuring you have just what you need, without the excess.

Solidified Production

Streamline operations by having consistent, reliable inventory processes in place.

Personalized Service

A dedicated team member who understands and manages your inventory nuances.

What sets us apart is our systems & processes for vendor managed inventory. Every vendor managed inventory account is overseen by a dedicated team member, who will routinely visit your facility, ensuring your inventory needs are met and expectations surpassed. Our tailored approach, combined with our vast experience, makes us the first choice for entities seeking the best in vendor managed inventory solutions.

A Trusted Name in Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

From OEM operations to production and servicing facilities, our reputation precedes us:

Service Facilities

Production Facilities


Experience the synergy of expertise, quality, and innovation with Custom Hydraulics and Design. Let's work together to engineer hydraulic and pneumatic systems that define excellence.

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