For those who prioritize precision and efficiency in their production, or maintenance operations, we provide our component kits. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, each kit ensures your operations stay streamlined and efficient.

Save Time, Boost Efficiency

Everything you need, right when you need it. No need for sourcing individual components. 

Minimize on Hand Stock

Say goodbye to unnecessary stockpile. Our kits are curated, so you have just the amount needed. 

Precisely What’s Needed

Each kit is tailored to provide exactly what's necessary. No clutter, no excess. Only efficiency.

Custom Hydraulics and Design is not just a name behind quality. We wear the dual hat of a distributor, providing retail or production kits for industrial, hydraulic, and pneumatic components. This dual expertise ensures that you're receiving the pinnacle of industry knowledge and quality.

We've collaborated on demanding  projects with major players in:




Elevate your operations with component kits that bring unparalleled efficiency and precision. Connect with our team today and discover the difference Custom Hydraulics and Design can make to your projects.

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