Eaton X-flex Hose

Designed to preform,

EC600 X-FLEX high pressure spiral hydraulic hose was designed to meet the most demanding applications where very high pressure and the need for easy installation in tight spaces come together. 4S/6S Dura-Seal fittings are qualified to crimp and maintain the SAE 100R15 performance rating. EC600 X-FLEX hose has been tested to beyond SAE 100R15 impulse cycle requirements at half bend radius, the hose’s flexibility makes installation in tight spaces much easier while reducing the total amount of hose needed on each machine.

Designed to perform in very demanding, high impulse applications, including construction, mining and industrial equipment, this hose features an abrasion-resistant cover material, supporting a longer hose assembly life while helping increase uptime and reduce overall operating costs. EC600 X-FLEX spiral hose is designed to withstand over one million impulse cycles with an operating pressure of 6100 pounds per square inch.
The hose offers both four and six spiral wire construction that is operable at temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +121°C (+250°F) with no fluid leakage between hose and fitting when the machine shuts down and the system cools. The EC600 X-FLEX is compatible with Eaton’s 4S/6S fitting series in sizes -12 and -16 and 6S fitting series in size -20.
For applications that require high pressure handling and withstand extreme cold temperatures, EC810 stands up to the challenge. Specifically designed for frigid environments and enforced with an abrasion-resistant cover, this hose has characteristics that further enhance its suitability for extreme-duty applications on construction equipment, oil and gas rigs, mining equipment, and other high-pressure applications in frigid environments (-57°C to +100°C/ -70°F to +212°F).