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Re-useable Hydraulic Fittings.

Global reusable fittings are field attachable with wrenches and/or a vice without the need for
crimping. This is ideal for low volume users who wish to assemble hoses on the spot without the
need for heavy and expensive equipment. Field attachable/reusable fittings are engineered to
provide peak performance when used with Eaton’s braided hose products. As an added benefit,
they are plated with Dura-Kote for the ultimate level of corrosion resistance.

For applications with compact and narrow installation parameters and high pressure needs, Eaton’s
economical EC115, meeting EN857 Type 1SC requirements, and EC215, meeting EN857 2SC
requirements, get the job done.

Industry-standard EC115 and EC215 rubber hydraulic hoses are the ideal solution for narrow
installation space and the transportation of petroleum and water-based fluids for general industrial
service. These hoses have a high-bend radius to be easily routed and are compatible with Eaton’s
global reusable fittings, making it even easier to route as it does not need to be a finished
assembly before installation. If undamaged, the fittings can be used multiple times with the same
great Eaton seal.

Using EC115 and EC215 along with global reusable fittings is a great addition to any field repair kit
as it reduces downtime and is good for remote applications like forestry or road crews, where a hose assembly site is not nearby.

For truck and industrial engine hoses, the FC300 and H569 are SAE 100r5 qualified hoses. Both are
compatible with a multitude of field attachable ends and qualified fittings for quick and easy

These hoses match the right amount of strength to the right job. They are the best choice for
applications that don’t need the world but deserve the same great standards that Eaton has always upheld.