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Eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick disconnect couplings provide a means of quickly connecting and disconnecting a hose line without the loss or fluid or entrance of air/contaminants into the system. When equipment needs to be assembled quickly or if it needs routine service and repair, a quick disconnect couplings is the better choice for a fluid connection than a traditional threaded one.
Quick disconnect couplings provide design versatility during equipment manufacturing. They can be designed into equipment allowing for the quick connection and disconnection of attachments and tools. Equivalent threaded connections are likely to create leaks in a system and often contribute to longer equipment downtime because of the nature of their assembly. Threaded connections can contribute to damaging the entire system due to contaminants or having to deal with a lengthy and costly tear down and rebuild. Eaton offers three design options for our quick disconnect couplings; ball lock, flat face and screw-to-connect. 

The ball lock design uses a series of balls inside the socket to lock down into a groove on the plug. The benefit of this style is the manual or automatic push to connect that results in a firm connection. One of the biggest benefits is that the ball lock design has a lower force requirement for connections when compared to the other designs. The flat face (FF) design has the ability to be wiped clean and does a better job of retaining fluids and protecting against contaminants. Eaton’s redesigned FF couplings provide greater performance at higher pressures along with higher flow rates. The screw-to-connect design is most commonly used for high pressure applications. This style of quick disconnect can handle pressures in the 3500 to 10,000 psi (240 to 690 bar) range. Screw-to-connect couplings use threads to provide the needed connection strength for use in heavy vibration applications.  Quick disconnect couplings can be used in many different hydraulic, pneumatic and specialty applications. These couplings go beyond ISO certifications. Certain couplings boast certifications like CSA, CRN and NFPA. FD85 and ISO A couplings are made with stainless steel. FD85 couplings are thread to connect couplings commonly used in oil and gas applications up to 5000 psi (345 bar) operating pressure. ISO A in stainless steel can be used on on-highway equipment.
Eaton quick disconnects provide a quick and easy way to connect tools and attachments to a system without long down times or the worry of leakage. They can also be a tool to disconnect hose assemblies in a safer manner to the operator and the environment when releasing pressure from the system. There are many applications that quick disconnects can lend a helping hand in hydraulic, pneumatic and specialty applications.